5 must-visit places in Geneva

5 must-visit places in Geneva

Geneva is renowned for its quality of life; it is the city of luxury and wellbeing, it boasts a mixture of modernity and nature, both going together in harmony. The city of world class watches and jewelry has a backdrop of fascinating sceneries of Lake Geneva and the snowy peaks of the Alps. Its old city is where lays many traditional museums, houses and streets. If you even visited Geneva, Switzerland, there are many marvelous places to visit, here are 5 of them.

The Museum of Art and History Geneva

The Museum of Art and History

It was inaugurated in 1910 but its construction was definitive in 1940. It is a museum of multidisciplinary art and that is why it is possible to see exhibitions and pieces of art collection, including painting, architecture, archeology, sculpture and applied arts.

The flower clock Geneva

The flower clock

It is the most famous clock of the city and it is located in an English garden. You can also admire its great water jet. It is the most photographed clock in the country; the flower clock is composed of 6500 plants and flowers.

St..Pierre.Cathedral Geneva

St Pierre Cathedral

At the top of the Old Town, this Protestant Cathedral is the oldest religious building in the city. With 157 steps to reach the north tower, you will enjoy a fantastic panorama on Lake Geneva but also on the whole city. This cathedral was built from 1160 and restorations remain for everyone to enjoy this gigantic monument. Under the cathedral, there is an archaeological site featuring discoveries and a lot to see.


Lake Geneva

It is a huge natural lake that lies between France and Switzerland. You will not only enjoy the views of the lake, but also you will be amazed by the famous emblem of Geneva, the Water Jet with an altitude of 140 meters. This large fountain is a must-see.