Terms & Condition

1. Requirements for the Car Renter
To rent a Drive Luxury vehicle, the renter must meet the following requirements:
  • The Renter must be at least 18 years old and have had a driver’s license for at least one year.
  • The minimum age for renting Business & First Class vehicles is 25. The renter must have a driver’s license that was issued at least 3 years ago.
  • The Renter’s driver’s license must be valid in Europe or worldwide.
  • The Renter must have a personal credit card.
  • Renters of business & first-class vehicles between the ages of 18 and 24 are considered young drivers.
2. Requirements for picking up & Drop off a vehicle:
  • The Renter must have a valid driver’s license and a credit card.
  • Passport or National ID.
  • A deposit amount will be blocked during the pick-up. The deposit varies vehicle to vehicle. Please check your reservation confirmation to learn more about the deposit.
  • If theRenter does not have a credit card on his name, a guarantee and a special authorization from Drive Luxury Management shall be provided.
  • The Renter is obliged to return the vehicle with a full petrol tank, otherwise a fee of EUR 45 will be charged in addition to the refueling cost.
  • The Renter is obliged to sign a rental agreement that contains all the guidelines for renting
  • The Renter is obliged to examine the vehicle for possible damage during pick up & before return. If a damage to the vehicle is found, it must be reported in order to avoid any liability.
3. Obligation & Prohibition:
  • Drive Luxury vehicles may not be used for racing, speed test, for purposes of learning driving, demonstration, re-renting or any other unauthorized purposes.
  • Smoking, including E cigarettes, in the vehicle is strictly forbidden.
  • The designated gasoline (Diesel or Petrol) and Ad-blue should be used according to the vehicle’s requirement.
  • The tires should be kept at the appropriate pressure level at all times.
  • Unauthorized repairs and towing by the renter are not permitted.
  • In case of an accident, the renter is obliged to inform Drive Luxury as well as to report to the local Police. Without having valid police report the Renter is liable for the entire cost of the damage.
  • The renter must park the car always in a safe location, incase of theft the renter is obliged to inform Drive Luxury as well as to report to the local Police.
4. Payment and reservation:
Drive Luxury accepts the following payment methods: cash, credit card, debit card and bank transfer. When a bank transfer is made, a confirmation of payment must be presented upon pickup of the vehicle.In case of non-attendance or cancellation the customer will be charged according to the conditions stipulated in these terms and conditions and without his consent. If the vehicle is not picked up by the customer within 2 hours after the scheduled pickup time, Drive Luxury reserves the right to cancel the booking and the customer will not be or partially refunded. Drive Luxury has the right to upgrade the vehicle without any prior consent of the renter.
5. Insurance coverage:
All Drive Luxury’s vehicles are insured, including:
  • The policyholder acquires liability insurance from an insurance company to protect against third-party claims.
  • Obligations to third parties (except drivers) for injuries and death according to the insurance policy.
  • Property damage to third parties (except rental vehicle)according to the insurance policy.
  • Fire damage to the vehicle.
6. Rental zone:
  • Zone 1: Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Netherland, Lichtenstein, Luxemburg and France – (Super limited liabilities applies)
  • Zone 2: Italy, Slovenia, Portugal,UK and Slovakia (Only half coverage insurance applies. And special permission needed from Drive luxury)
  • Zone 3: Poland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Hungary and other country (Only third party coverage and special permission needed from Drive luxury).
7. Vehicle return & replacement:
The Renter can return the rented vehicle at a number of locations, including: At Drive Luxury locations or at a mutually agreed location. The minimum rental period is one day (24 hours). After the 26th hour, the Renter’s credit card will be charged for an additional day. Rentals with a duration under 24 hours are possible upon request. If the car key or any other accessory is lost or damaged, the customer will be charged a fine accordingly. There will be an additional charge for the Vehicle replacement if the error caused by the Renter.
8. Equipment
Drive Luxury provides additional equipment such as:
  • Infant carriers
  • Child seats for children aged 6 months and older
  • GPS navigation system
  • WIFI device &Mobile phone
The accessories mentioned are available upon request.
9. Amendment/ cancellation policy / refund Rent a car:
Any changes to the booking must be made at least 10 days before the arrival date. If a change is made less than 8 days before arrival, a fee of 15% of the total value of the booking will be charged. If a cancellation is made less than 8 days but more than 72 hours before scheduled pickup, a fee of 45% of the total reservation will be charged. If a cancellation is made within 72 hours of arrival, Drive Luxury will not provide any refund.
Cancellations/no shows for Transfers:
  • Free cancellation up to 24 hours before the start of the service
  • 100% chargeable for less than 24 hours or no show
Cancellations/no shows for daily & hourly services:
  • Free up to 48hours before the start of the service
  • 50% between 48 hours and 24 hours
  • 100% if cancel with less than 24 hours or no show
By providing credit card details, customers authorize us to use them as security for the booking. The credit card will be charged for every unpaid cancellation fee. Any cancellation must be made in writing by email to info@drive-luxury.com. Telephone cancellations will not be accepted.
10. Vehicle interior
In the event of polluting the vehicle interior (i.e.dirt stains, animal hair, sand, etc. on the seats, floor or trunk) that requires special cleaning, the renter is obliged to pay a cleaning fee of minimum EUR 150,00.
11. Second driver
The vehicle may not be driven by anyone other than the Renter. For a second driver, a valid driver’s license must be presented and an additional fee will be charged.
12. Transport of the vehicle by a ferry:
Carriage of a vehicle by a ferry is prohibited without the authorization of Drive Luxury. In the event that a vehicle is transported by a ferry, the renter must return it to the pick-up location. In the event of a breakdown or accident, if the Renter is responsible, He or she is responsible for the cost of transporting the vehicle back to a Drive Luxury location.
13. Cross-border rent:
Cross-border transportation requires an authorization from Drive Luxury. The cost of issuing a Green Card and International Road Assistance are borne by the Renter.
14. Extension of the rental period:
If the renter wishes to extend the rental after picking up the vehicle, he must contact Drive Luxury 48 hours in advance or as soon as possible.
15. Early return:
If the renter wishes to return the vehicle earlier than agreed, he must announce this 48 hours in advance.
16. Refueling fee:
All vehicles have a full petrol tank. The renter must refuel the vehicle before returning it, otherwise our refueling fees will be charged. We charge each quarter 75€.
17. Value added tax:
All local taxes apply to the Renter’s reservation costs.
18. Traffic fines
The cost of all traffic fines or any other fines will be borne by the renter.
19. Safeguard clause and amendment
In the event that individual provisions of these conditions are obsolete or incomplete or that their execution becomes impossible, the validity of the other provisions will not be affected. The contractual partners undertake to replace the invalid provision with a valid eligible provision which, in terms of content, closely approximates their original intention and the economic objective thus pursued. Any changes or additions to these conditions require a form to provide proof by the text, such as email. This provision also applies to a modification of the requirement of the written form. As soon as the customer, after a modification, uses the services of Drive Luxury, he implicitly accepts the new conditions. All other contractual conditions of the customer, in particular those that he declares applicable jointly to the acceptance of the contract, do not become part of the said contract. They are valid only if and to the extent that they have been expressly accepted in writing by Drive Luxury.
20. Applicable law and jurisdiction:
Swiss law applies to all rental contracts. The courts competent to deal with any litigation are the courts of Geneva.