The following terms and conditions apply to all car rentals made by Drive Luxury.

  1. The conditions required for the renter

1.1          To be allowed to rent a car from Drive Luxury, the customer must meet the following conditions:

1.2          The customer must be at least 18 years of age and have obtained his license at least one year before the rental application.

1.3          The customer must have a valid European or international license when booking and receiving the vehicle.

1.4          The customer must have a credit card in his name, prepaid and debit cards are not accepted.

1.5          If the owner of the credit card is not the renter of the car, he will be fully responsible in the event of default during the rental. A power of attorney, the identity card and the owner’s credit card must be presented at the beginning of the rental.

1.6          For clients under 25 years old, a higher security deposit may be requested.


  1. Obligations and responsibilities

2.1 Of the renter

2.1.1       Any use of the vehicle which will result in the client’s remuneration is strictly forbidden except in the case of an agreement with Drive Luxury or in the case of a car rental as a professional mean of transport.

2.1.2       The addition of an extra driver is permitted but must be stipulated in the rental agreement written by Drive Luxury.

2.1.3       Using a vehicle to tow, pull, repair another vehicle or trailer is strictly prohibited.

2.1.4       The customer can extend the rental period with the prior consent of Drive Luxury.

2.1.5       Using a vehicle for a race, speed tests, demonstrations, on circuit, or any automobile event is strictly prohibited.

2.1.6       Any use of the vehicle outside Switzerland must be announced and authorized by Drive Luxury beforehand.

2.1.7       Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the vehicles, under a penalty levied on the deposit.

2.1.8       It is strictly forbidden to carry an animal in the vehicles except with the agreement of Drive Luxury.

2.1.9       The customer must drive and park the vehicle with all the necessary care and precautions.

2.1.10     Only the required fuel will have to be used. (Indicated in the fuel filler flap)

2.1.11     The tires are held at the appropriate pressure level.

2.1.12     The vehicle is closed and secured while not in use and the keys are under the control of the customer.

2.1.13     The driver authorized by the contract must at all times have his driving license and be able to present it to the law enforcement agencies in case of control.

2.1.14     The levels (oil and coolant), as well as the battery are respected and controlled by the customer.

2.1.15     If a technical problem arises, the renter of the vehicle must immediately contact Drive Luxury and inform about the problem. No repairs are allowed without the consent of Drive Luxury.

2.1.16     All drivers on the contract accept the terms and conditions.

2.1.17     All drivers on the contract must provide Drive Luxury with their driver’s license, passport or ID, the credit card used for booking and the booking confirmation.

2.1.18     The customer must be on time at the reception and the reissue of the vehicle and any delay will be charged according to waiting time, except in case of delay of a plane or train for the reception of the vehicle.

2.1.19     The car must be returned in the same condition as the receipt of the vehicle, any failure will be charged.

  • Of Drive Luxury


2.2.1     Drive Luxury must provide the customer with a well maintained and up-to-date vehicle.

  • Drive Luxury is responsible for providing a vehicle in good condition.
  • Drive Luxury must deliver to the customer the reserved vehicle or similar as stipulated in the booking. In case of an accident or unexpected problem on a single vehicle, Drive Luxury reserves the right to upgrade the customer without prior approval.


  1. Accident / damage to the vehicle
  • If the vehicle is involved in any accident or damage, the lessee must immediately notify Drive Luxury and provide a detailed explanation of the situation.
  • It is strictly forbidden to carry out any repair on a vehicle without the prior written consent of Drive Luxury, except in case of battery failure or puncture.
  • Any accident or damage caused by a fault that is not that of the customer must make the statement of a report or police report so as not to be charged on this damage. Without the presence of one of the two aforementioned elements, the customer will be considered as at fault.


  1. Area of use
  • Drive Luxury provides vehicles equipped with Swiss motorway vignettes. There are therefore no

         motorway fees in Switzerland. For all other countries, the road charges are the responsibility of the


  • Drive Luxury allows the use of vehicles in Switzerland; any other destination must be stipulated

        before the rental.

  1. Insurance and obligations
  • Vehicles rented by Drive Luxury are fully insured and a deposit is taken from the customer to cover the costs that may result from the rental.
  • The amount of the deposit is fixed according to the vehicle and the age of the tenant.
  • In case of damage to the vehicle, the amount of the deposit can be fully or partially retained.
  • In case of fraudulent or illegal use of a vehicle resulting in damage or theft of the vehicle, the amount

of the new vehicle may be required to the customer.


  1. Payment and reservation
  • Drive Luxury offers different payment solutions including cash, credit card, debit card or bank transfer. For bank transfer, a confirmation of payment must be presented upon the pickup of the vehicle.
  • In case of non-attendance or cancellation the customer will be charged according to the conditions stipulated in this contract and without his consent.


  • If the vehicle is not picked up by the customer at the latest one hour after the scheduled time, Drive Luxury reserves the right to cancel the booking and the customer will not be or partially refunded.


  1. Data protection
  • Your personal data that was transmitted to us during the booking will be stored in our database.
  • Drive Luxury will not disclose or sell this information to third parties.


  1. Equipements
  • Drive Luxury equips its cars with:
  • Child Seat
  • Baby Seat
  • GPS
    •      The above equipments are available on request and the customer is fully responsible during the rental.  Any damage will be liable to be billed up to the value of the equipment.


  1. Vehicle delivery
  • The customer can receive and return his vehicle in all Western European airport cities including Spain,

Italy, Germany, France and Austria for an additional fee for any service outside Geneva.


  1. Cancellation
  • A reservation cancellation made before 10 days is without penalty.
  • A reservation cancellation made between 10 days and 72 hours before the booking will be charged up

to 20%.

  • A reservation cancellation made between 72 and 48 hours before booking will be charged at 50%.
  • A reservation cancellation made less than 48 hours before the reservation will be charged up to 100%.
  • By providing us with your credit card, you authorize us to charge these amounts in case of cancellation or certify that you will transfer this amount by bank transfer in case of cancellation.
  • All cancellations requests must be sent by e-mail to: . Cancellations by message or phone are not taken into account.

Note:    Concerning point 10.4, the amount charged will not exceed one week rental.


  1. Non-attendance of the client
  • If the client does not show up at the place and time specified in the booking, Drive Luxury reserves the right, after 3 hours without any news from the customer and without any flight or train delay, to charge  the total amount of the reservation.


  1. Vehicle return
  • In the case of a return of the vehicle in a state requiring special cleaning of the vehicle (animal hair, spilled liquid, sand, stains, etc.) the customer will be charged up to CHF150.-.


  1. Vehicle towing

13.1        It is strictly forbidden to tow a vehicle without the written consent of Drive Luxury. In case of accident or mechanical problem, the towing will be at the customer’s expense.


  1. Use outside Switzerland


  • Any use of the vehicle outside Switzerland must be granted in writing by Drive Luxury. The costs resulting from this use are at the customer’s expense.


  1. Extension of the rental

15.1        If the customer wishes to extend the rental, he will have to contact Drive Luxury and inform us 24 hours at the latest before the scheduled return. Drive Luxury reserves the right to accept or refuse any extension request.


  1. Early return

16.1        If the customer wishes for any reason to return the vehicle before the end of the period mentioned on the contract, he will have to inform Drive Luxury 48 hours before. Drive Luxury reserves the right to refund or not the difference of days.


  1. Safeguard clause and amendment
  • In the event that individual provisions of these conditions are obsolete or incomplete or that their execution becomes impossible, the validity of the other provisions will not be affected. The contractual partners undertake to replace the invalid provision with a valid eligible provision which, in terms of content, closely approximates their original intention and the economic objective thus pursued.
  • Any changes or additions to these conditions require a form to provide proof by the text, such as email. This provision also applies to a modification of the requirement of the written form. As soon as the customer, after a modification, uses the services of Drive Luxury, he implicitly accepts the new conditions.
  • All other contractual conditions of the customer, in particular those that he declares applicable jointly to the acceptance of the contract, do not become part of the said contract. They are valid only if and to the extent that they have been expressly accepted in writing by Drive Luxury.


  1. Other conditions :
  • The vehicle must be returned with full fuel
  • The prices listed on the site do not include VAT
  • All financial penalties resulting from the rental (fines) are at the customer’s expense
  • Prices are displayed “from” and are therefore subject to change


  1. Applicable law and jurisdiction

It is exclusively made application of Swiss law. The courts competent to deal with any litigation are the courts

of Geneva.